When are service times?

Our worship service begins at 11AM every Sunday.


Do you have evening service on Sunday?

We do not typically have a worship service on Sunday evenings. We have teaching classes (ie. similar to Bible study or Sunday School) usually scheduled for three Sunday evenings a month at 5pm. Please see our events calendar for when these occur. 


What do I wear?

We encourage everyone to wear what they would be comfortable with wearing. We have people who wear a wide range of outfits from jeans and shirts to dresses or suits.  


Do you serve communion?

We do not serve communion during our normal Sunday morning services. We observe our Lord’s Supper twice a year (first Sunday in May and December) during a special Sunday evening service.


Do you have child care?

Yes, we have what we call ‘Children’s Church’ that is held in our Christian Life Center during worship service times. The children are supervised by two or more adults during this time. There is one week per month in which we do not have ‘Children’s Church’ and the children attend the worship service. The ages for ‘Children’s Church’ is around 3 years (out of diapers and potty trained) to about 7 years of age.


Do you have a nursery?

Yes, we have a newborn nursery for mothers and or fathers to use as needed for changes, feeding or other needs. The nursery is located in the rear of the sanctuary and has a one-way window to allow you to view the service and also listen via a speaker in the room. This allows you to care for your infant without missing the service.

We also have a toddler nursery with toys, books, etc. located in the basement of the church building that also has a speaker so you can listen to the service while watching your toddler.


What type of worship service should I expect?

Our worship service is a traditional format where we begin our services with a few congregational songs followed by either our pastor or one of our other preachers addressing the congregation with a sermon.


Do you have Sunday School classes?

Yes, we do have Sunday School classes that meet prior to the worship service each Sunday morning.  Sunday School classes begin at 10AM and end at 10:45AM. 

We have various classes based on the age/class level.

Our classes:

  • Beginners Class (preschool to Kindergarten)
  • Junior Class (1st – 4th grade)
  • Intermediate Class (5th – 8th grade)
  • Young Adult Class (Teen/High School)
  • Adult Class – College/Post-College/Married couples
  • Men’s Class
  • Women’s Class

A few classes meet in the lower level of our church sanctuary and then others meet in our Christian Life Center.


Are you going to ask me for money?

Although we do pass a collection plate through the congregation during the start of our services, you are under no obligation to donate any money. 


Can I sit in the back and watch?

As a visitor we hope to make you feel welcome, but we also realize that visitors can be overwhelmed at times and would like to observe during their first visits. You can feel comfortable to sit in the back and watch if so desired. Just after starting our service we have a brief welcome fellowship handshake to greet others sitting around you. While some may roam around to greet others you can feel comfortable staying at your seat if you wish to do so.


Do you offer transportation?

At this time, we currently do not offer transportation services.


Is your church handicap accessible?

Yes, our church building and Christian Life Center building are handicap accessible. The only location that is not handicap accessible is the lower level of the church building.


What are your beliefs?

Check out our What We Believe page for more information.